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The Middle East Spine Society (MESpine), founded in 2010, is a scientific and educational association with worldwide members. The main objects of the Society are the study and advancement of the art and science of spine surgery and research into the cause... More 

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  • CAIRO SPINE MASTERS DIVING WITHIN THE SPINE 2019                      20-23 October 2019                  

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Ghazwan Abdulla Hasan

Personal Data: 
 Name:Ghazwan Abdulla Hasan

Date of Birth: 24th/March/1980

Place of Birth:Iraqi



Mobile phone:+ (964)7700447666

Current work address: Al-Kindy Teaching Hospital, Baghdad, Iraq  
Language Experience

  1.  English: Speaking, Reading & writing excellent

  2. Arabic: Mother language. 

Current Occupation: 
1. Orthopedic Surgeon (Council of Arab Board of Medical Specialization in Orthopedic Surgery) CABOS 2016.

2. Education (Ortho) Seat in AO Spine –Iraq Chapter Feb. 2015 till now. 
3. A Reviewer in Global Spine Journal, 2016 till now.

4. A Reviewer for Cureus Journal, USA.

5. Mentorship Program. (AOSPINE) with Prof. Alexander Vaccaro for two years, Philadelphia, USA.

6. Regional faculty AOSpine.

7. Editor in ECRONICON Journal.


4- Education: 
1- Eliademy Online Course (How to Publish Your Research).

2- Fellowship in MIS & Endoscopic spine surgery, Saint Marry Catholic University hospital, Seoul, South Korea, 26th March 2018 to 7th April 2018.

3- Publons Peer Review online course.

4- Arthroplasty Fellowship in Charite Campus, Mitte, Berlin, Germany May 2017 .

5- AOTrauma Fellowship, University Hospital of Giessen & Marburg (UKGM), four weeks October 2016

6- CABO (Council of Arab Board of Medical Specialization in Orthopedics) 2016.

7- AOSpine Fellowship (BGU Centre Frankfurt) Germany 2014.

8- M.B.Ch. B Degree in Medicine & Surgery (2004), 

  • Institution: Medical School/ Mosul University/ Mosul-Iraq.

  • The language of study: English.

  • Primary Subjects: Medicine, Surgery, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Otorhinolaryngology, Gynaecology, Obstetrics & Paediatrics.

  • Minimum duration of study: 6 years.

  • Lab Training: Extensive training on Spectrophotometer and Light Microscope at the Medical school.

  • Average Mark: 71.478 % 

9- High    school    diploma (1992-1997),

  • Institution: Al-Motamayzeen Secondary school, Mosul/ Iraq.

  • Main Subjects: Human Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, English, French & Arabic.

  • Average mark: 96.3 % 

5- Professional Organizations & NGOs: 

  • Iraqi Orthopedic surgeons association 2016 till now.

  • Eurospine Member Jan. 2015 till now  

  • NASS (North American Spine Society) Member 2013 till now.

  • EFFORT Member (European Federation of National Association of Orthopedics and Traumatology) 2013 till now.

  • TIEMS (The   International Emergency Medicine Society) Membership September 2012 till now. • AO Trauma Member plus 2010 till now.  

  • AO Spine Member (Gold), 2010 till now.

  • Member of Iraqi Medical Association 2005 to Date.

  • SICOT Membership 2012 till now