Middle East Spine Society

Founded 2011

Najia El Abbadi, MD, PhD

Date of Birth: 12/03/2016 in Tetouan

Married, one child

Phone: (+212) 661390139

Emailnajiaelabbadi@gmail.com / najiaelabbadi@hotmail.com

Head of the department of neurosurgery, Cheikh Zaid International University Hospital
Chairman of the department of surgery, Abulcasis international university of Health sciences
Director of the Stereotactic Brain Surgery University Diploma, Mohammed V University – Rabat
President of the Moroccan Society of Neurosurgery
President Elect of The Panarab Association of Neurosurgical Societies
Treasurer of the Continental Association of African neurosurgical Societies
Chairman of WFNS WIN Committee
Middle East Spine Society Board Member
Past President of the Mediterranean Association of Neurological Surgeons